Why Mahd Tejarat Gostaran Attar

Co-founders of this company which were main partners in young scholars’ club, have started many new companies and startups in past years. Also, wide number of influential and leading faculty members in best Iran’s universities work are helping in this project.
The Acceleration And Attraction Af Elites

Vice Presidency for Science and Technology’s field of activity, is to cover elite’s acceleration. This can lead to let them use their potential. Activities acceleration is also a part of programs for organization.

Developing Knowledge-based Businesses

In line with Mahd Tejarat Gostaran and Vice Presidency for Science and Technology’s cooperation, an agreement was signed between this organization and the Attar group to collaborate with specialists and overseas entrepreneurs to attract these elites.

New Projects Investment Partnership


Attar Experiences

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Successful examples of young elites working with industrial and academic sections


Attar Experiences