Attar Investment Group

The origin of the Attar Investment Group is the research activities of the Young Students Club which began in 1999. The main motivation for these activities was to provide an attractive and alternative way for top university students and Olympians to find a suitable job within the country. Communication with industrial, scientific and research centers and the establishment of knowledge-based companies has played an important role in this plan. Some of the companies that Attar Group founded are:

Fanap Group

Hasin Group


After years of gaining experience, Attar Group was founded in the field of entrepreneurship in 2013. The company now operates as "Attar Investment Group" in several countries (Iran, France, Netherlands, Russia, UAE, Oman and China)

Activities of Attar Investment Group:

•Information and Communication Technology

• Energy

• Business Development

• Biotechnology and treatment

• Agriculture and Food Industries

Important Activities:

• Investing in companies and helping them grow In return for possessing a part of their share in stock

• Memorandum of Understanding with relevant organizations to expand and support knowledge based activities

• Organize work teams to focus on ideas leading to the formation of knowledge-based companies

  • Address

    No. 79, ghasemi St., Habibollahi Ave., Azadi Street, Tehran